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1. What type of phone do I need to use the app?


You will need an Android operating system of 6.0 or up or Apple with iOS 11 or up.

2. How do I access the LI Driver app?


The iOS app can be found on the App Store HERE, and the Android app can be found on the Google Play Store HERE. In addition a quick sign up is required to get started that your organization will need to send you. 

3. How do I sign in?

Your organization will send you an invite via email. Upon opening and pressing join now, you will enter your name, phone number, and create a password. You will then use your email and new password to login.

4. What do I do if I am having issues with the app?

If you have any issues with the app email LI, You can also contact (801) 815-2079 or (801) 310-9274 and we will help you.

5. How do I get loads?


Current and Upcoming loads get sent to Drivers according to their availability.

6. What is the load process when dispatched in the App?


6.1  Dispatcher - Assigns a load to Driver

6.2  Driver - Press Accept Load - or Decline if you cannot fulfill

6.3  Driver - Press Start Load once you ready to begin. Note you can always slide up the strip to see the full load details

6.4  Driver - Once you arrive at Loadout, the app will recognize you crossed the geofence and it will auto-arrive you without you pressing any buttons.

6.5  Driver - Once you are ready to load, press Loading Started

6.6  Driver - Once you are finished loading, press Loading Completed

6.7  Driver - Enter your payload, ticket/BOL number, and add your documents. The press save and confirm. It may take 5 - 10 seconds for the document to fully upload.

6.8  Driver - Once you arrive to location, the app will recognize you crossed the geofence and it will auto-arrive you without you pressing any buttons.

6.9  Field Coordinator - Will be notified of your arrival and will assign you (Driver) to unload upon which you will receive a notification.

6.10  Driver - Once you are finished unloading, you will press unloading complete

6.11  Field Coordinator - Will then confirm your delivery and you (Driver) will see their electronic signature on your receipt.

* If you forget to press unload complete at location your load will auto reconcile once you leave the job site geofence.

7. How do I view my driving history?


In the Driver dashboard in the mobile application there is a tab called "load history" where you can see loads that have been delivered with time and GPS stamps, complete documentation, and all other load information.

8. How do I update my driver information?


You can update your name and phone number, but in order to get changes to equipment, your dispatcher must make said changes.

9. How do I contact the party I am delivering to?


By swiping up on the load information and clicking on "complete load details" you can click on the "call location" button. Because LI provides coordinators an app at location you will always talk to the individual managing the logistics. 

10. Can I cancel a load once I have accepted?

Cancelling a load due to an unforeseen circumstance is acceptable, please contact your dispatch operator or company admin immediately so the load can be reassigned or cancelled.

11. Can I message dispatch in the App?


If you are on a load you can send messages to dispatch regarding the load through the app. You will just go to the messages tab.

12. How do I change my equipment?


In the driver app, tap on the equipment tab and enter your tractor number (please not your name) this needs to be the same identifier that is on your BOL/Scale Ticket, then select the type of tractor from the dropdown. Next follow the same process for your trailer and then press save.

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