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  1. How does LI work for LMOs?


LI Transport connects parties who need loads delivered with parties who can deliver through a sophisticated platform. Intuitive automation enables informed decisions for people on the ground and LI takes care of the rest, providing visibility to loads, inventory and job status.

  2. How do I view loads that have been delivered?


In the Desktop app you can access all loads in the loads tab and apply filters for dates, areas, jobs, etc.

  3. How do I view loads that have been delivered?


In the Driver dashboard in the mobile application there is a tab called "load history" where you can see loads that have been delivered with time and GPS stamps, complete documentation, and all other load information.

  5. How do I access the LI Operator app and Desktop Interface?


The iOS app can be found on the App Store HERE, and the Android app can be found on the Google Play Store HERE. In addition a quick sign up is required to get started. The login for the Desktop Dashboard can be accessed HERE. In addition a quick sign up is required to get started. 

  6. What type of phone do I need to use the app?


You will need an Android or Apple smartphone.

  7. What do I do if I am having issues with the app?


If you have any issues with the app call LI Transport, 952-444-5280 and we will help you. You can also press the "Call LI Transport Support" button within the smartphone app or desktop dashboard, under settings.

  8. How do I update my information?


You can update your name and phone number, but in order to get changes to equipment or insurance made, your company's admin must make said changes.

  9. How do I contact individuals involved in jobs?


By swiping up on the load information and clicking on "complete load details" you can click on the "call location" button. Because LI Transport provides coordinators at location you will always talk to the individual managing the logistics. 

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