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Gain access to the very best optimized bulk freight loads in the LI Trucker App.


Access a curated network of Professional Drivers, vetted through top-tier standards

The hub for your team and your operation

80%  Reduction in Late arrivals

24/7  Asset Visibility

15%  Increase in Utilization

The LI platform is revolutionizing the way Bulk Freight companies operate their businesses. From frac sand to cement, and from aggregates to retail fuel

What is Logistics Intelligence?

LI is a cloud-based solution that manages last mile deliveries focused on optimizing shippers supply chain and maximizing carrier efficiencies through synergies and automation.

Greater Efficiency and Utilization

The combination of our innovative software and our years of practical experience allow LI to provide excellent customer service for last mile deliveries across the bulk freight community.

Eliminate NPT & Detention from logistic failures

With visibility across the supply chain NPT and detention caused by logistics failures is as good as gone. LI optimizes the best schedules for the pickup and delivery so that carriers are driving more and sitting less.

Demand Forecasting

We are able to better position assets to best serve customers through schedule changes and unforeseen downtime. Our complex algorithms give automated, preventative reporting on any potential issues.

Collaborate with the rest of the Market

We are able to provide visibility and access into market capacity & volume to better position your operations for maximum utilization and efficiency.

Network of Carriers

LI's network of carriers is a unified group of  top-tier service providers with the ability to rapidly surge resources to meet necessary requirements.

Project Management

Coordinators, Engineers, Pushers or any designated personnel can manage inventories straight from our mobile/tablet friendly web app.

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Logistics Intelligence mobile app
Logistics Intelligence mobile app

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